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We are experts in the challenge of producing structures and components from carbon fibre and GRP. Dave Greenwood has worked with carbon fibre virtually since its invention. With a skilled team of engineers and production staff, we can rise quickly to any new challenge: from patternmaking, styling, tool making or prototyping to production moulding

We are continually finding new ways to harness the advantages of the high strength to weight ratio of these remarkable materials, originally developed for the aerospace industry - improving performance by taking out weight or making things that would not otherwise be possible.

From racing car panels to giant sculptures, wind turbine blades to stage sets, defence and aerospace to leisure industries we work with engineers to find a practical way to realise their designs

If you want to know if we can make something, email us a drawing (CAD or back of envelope sketch) and we'll get thinking.

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Elite Carbon Fibre - we can make it

At our manufacturing plant in Norfolk, England, our design team and 12 trained craftsmen produce components to high standards for many industries in a wide range of composite materials. Car manufacturers, supermarkets, aircraft makers, architects, artists and defence contractors rely on our skills, quality and ability to deliver.

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